Friday, April 29, 2016

Do what is a Wine Camp

Last time I was here, I posted a list of 16 things I'm grateful for in 2016. One item was Wine Camp, with a promise to explain it.

Dear hubby and I have hosted a Wine party the weekend before Thanksgiving practically every year since the year we got married. Why that weekend? Because that is the weekend that the New Wine is released (Beaujolais nouveau) and is considered the start of the New Wine year. So we call it our New Year's party.

Last Summer we found a wonderful rental house in Northwest Michigan on Sutton's Bay. A community that is surrounded by some of the best Wineries in the state of Michigan. It was a three bedroom with plenty of space. We invited our usual group of party attendees. While only two other couples came up, the six of us had a wonderful time. Hanging out and sampling the wines at a few different wineries every day for eight days. Gourmet dinners cooked in the house by various members and fire side views of Lake Michigan made for the perfect vacation.

That brings us to this year. In an attempt to find a rental in the Windsor, Ontario wine area I may have goofed and rented a place too far north. Except hubby pointed out that this place puts us close to Stratford. We will get to insert at least one play, plus explore wineries in Canada.  I am really looking forward to this trip.

And the actual details will be for another Blog.