Tuesday, March 15, 2016

16 Grattitudes

Guess it's that time of the season. Political season that is.  When I need to start turning off all my information feeds to save my sanity.

Problem is this year I really think this thing is a ticking time bomb and all reasonable people need to stay focused and ready to fight those who would destroy our country with their hate filled rhetoric.

In light of trying to avoid, yet again, more politics.  Here is my list for 2016 of those things I have  gratitude for;  So here are all 16.  In no particular order

1. Hubby's job has saved us from yet another horrible tax year.  Yeah Ford!

2. This year's tax process was way less painful than I thought it would be.

3. My medications seem to be on point in terms of treating my chronic pain conditions and multiple  chemical sensitivities.

4. Grand baby #1.  Did I forget to mention that last September I became a Grandma!

5. LifeBook 2016 - An online year long art class I gifted myself with this year is a spectacularly wonderful experience. (http://willowing.ning.com/)

6. New people who inspire me are entering my life at a break neck speed.

7. Peace of mind is achievable.

8. Looking forward to a bunch of fun Summer activities (Wine Camp II - Needs some explaining but that's another blog.)

9. Post doctorate degree hubby's cooking skills are finally returning to what they were like when we met. Lots of Yummy food.

10. Bells especially outside on a breezy day.

11. Bird song, especially in the spring

13. Crocuses in my lawn.

14. Spring

15. New job opportunity

16. Time & money to do what I'm moved to do.

This is my raw unsorted list of what I'm grateful for in right now in 2016.