Monday, June 25, 2018

Street Art in the UK

I promised that when I returned from our Bucket List trip to the UK, I would be sharing my discoveries and inspirations on these pages.

The first bit I want to share is a collection of street art that my husband and I photographed through-out the UK. Some in Dublin. Quite a few in Glasgow, London, Cardiff, and Aberystwyth. This is not necessarily art in the sense that it is gallery quality but art in that moved me and made me think about the subject.

Much of this art was created as social statements. Like Meek’s “Begging for Change”. Originally placed in Melbourne, Australia. Meek utilizes the same stencil graphic style as Banksy along with strong social justice themes.

Glasgow is awash in street art. Much of it the work of the street artist known as Smug. Such as the modern day portrait of Glasgow’s patron saint, Mungo.

In addition to Smug’s work, Bobby McNamara aka Rogue-One colored the walls with floating cars and splashing Olympic swimmers. All with common spray paint.

London’s art is mostly restricted to galleries, however, Sometimes like New York City, an anonymous artist’s work inspires the average passerby to stop and admire or ponder their message.

It would be easy to discount some of the art as an advertisement if it were not for the creative flair. A barbershop in Dublin decorated with a whimsical caricature of the barber.

Was this fellow a political statement or random decoration.

Then there is this building. Painted by James Earley, the Blooms Hotel in Temple Bar is a remarkable Joycean style work.

There were numerous examples that one might classify as commercial.  But that is another blog.
Coming Soon!

Monday, May 21, 2018

The Struggle Begins

We’ve all heard the stories about the kindly person who tries to help a butterfly escape the confines of its cocoon too soon, leaving the new born butterfly deformed and the same story but involving a chicken.
Observe the need of the body to struggle against the inevitable change that will propel them into unknown realms. In our own species, observe the struggles of a child bent on becoming an athlete or dancer. The repeated falls and struggles to move on. The gradual growth of muscle memory and increased strength leads to less falling and more achievements of goals. Growth was inevitable based on the child’s determination to achieve their dream and their focus on that goal. So how does a child who dreamt of dance no longer feel that need? Some are born with bodies that are not capable of the endurance needed to achieve the dreamed of dance. Some learn the dance and have the ability taken away from us by illness or accident.
How is not that same as when, as long as we have an understanding of that fact, then the answer to how is by redirecting that dream. In time you will feel the struggle to escape the confines of that comfortable egg, cocoon or cell. You will discover muscle memory and focus will fill your eyes with images. You will dream new dreams. I am not telling you when, you will tell you when. When it is time.
As for me, that is another story, whose time may have finally come. 

I am please to announce that I will be publishing my Art Journal in these pages.  As a way of sharing my art journey. What better way to start than to document the days of a real life journey. Starting on May 24th I will be documenting the sights and feels of a 10 day trip to the UK. Join me as I travel by Bus, Train and Ferry around Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland. 

I also intend to share some of the pages of my  #100heads #100daysaht since I am only up to #28 and do not want to lose 10 days worth or heads. 
I only allow myself a maximum of 30 minutes per head and I can not go back the next day to even do touch ups. I want an accurate record of my improvements. Keeping the color palate simple too. 

In the meanwhile, I also have been offered opportunities to share more of my art with more people. Planning on spending a great deal of time during this trip contemplating that exciting next step. 

But that is definitely another story to tell. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Hold This Space

I am 60 years old. Well technically I've been 60 for almost 4 months now. And for my 60th birthday I gave myself the gift of a year of dramatic rebirth. Wow that sounds scary. I'm giving myself permission to no long stand at the cliff of a decision, instead I'm jumping. 

Starting back when I was about to turn 40. A truly scary age at the time. I gifted myself a trip. A trip somewhere without family and escort. At some point in my 40th year I drove by myself to Columbus, Ohio and attended a two day Ceramic Arts event. Back in those days I fancied myself a ceramic artist. Got the $900 electric kiln rotting away in my basement to prove it. But that is another story. 

From that point on I decided to give myself decade "gift trips" to celebrate my last 10 year's achievements. When I turned 50 I drove to Traverse City and took a 4 day class from Wendy Froud, a world renown doll artist.

Both of these trips were, as you might have deduced, art oriented. Also they were both within a few hours drive from my home. I recently determined that for the past 30+ years I have only traveled by myself within the confines of about a 500 mile square patch of this earth. For some that might seem adventurous enough. But I wanted to test my leash. 

So for my 60th year, I took myself to the NYC Art Expo. Stayed in a tiny Air BnB that was only 3 blocks from the event and even took the subway from the airport. For what you may ask. For research.

Research what? Research on how I take my Art pro. 3 days of classes on publishing, protecting and selling my art in today's market.  With over 400+ innovative exhibiting artists, galleries, and publishers from across the globe, showcasing exciting original artwork, prints, paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, ceramics, giclee, lithographs, glass works and more to inspire my own art for years to come. 

So after 20+ years of thinking about it too much and after seeing the enormous amount of potential in trying.  I am launching my Art as a business.  Hopefully by the end of 2018 I will have addressed a very long Gotta Do list of items that have little to nothing to do with creativity, at least not my kind of creativity. But never the less, are necessary in order to make a go of it. 

This is not the announcement of the grand opening of a new Etsy store. This is a "Hold this space" for future announcements. 

BTW I am attaching a link to my google folder of pictures from the Art Expo. Interspersed in between my class notes and bad selfies are pictures of just some of the wonderful art that was on display/sale at this event.