Monday, September 22, 2014

So I've decided to use this site to try out the gratitude tips suggested by the Happiness Institute in their latest newsletter.  If you want to follow them go out to;

Here are the tips;
"If you'd like to enjoy some or all of the benefits referred to (happiness, improved quality of life, better brain function and more) then try some of these simple but powerful tips...
  1. Find a mindfulness practice that works for you and practice it, stick at it daily, for at least a month
  2. Keep a gratitude journal writing down, daily, all those things in your life for which you're grateful
  3. Share those things in your life that make you "thankful";you can do this on The Happiness Institute's Facebook Page (HERE) and/or join our friends over at Project Thankful (HERE)
  4. Include, in as many conversations as possible, a focus on what's going well(rather than just what's not going well)
  5. And finally, just as it's important to focus on positives in life it's also important to screen out those things that unnecessarily cause distress or hurt."
So here goes...

1. I meditate and pray daily, Check
2. This is new - FB tends to be my negative journal.  So I'll have to strive to reduce or remove negative stuff.  Starting with "Friends" who post stuff that pushes my buttons. Or maybe this is #5?
3. Here is the really hard one. Even explaining how come it's hard would sound negative.
     (1) My son volunteering to drive me to work, because my car is in the shop today.
     (2) A young friend's complimentary description of me. Ah shucks! blushes.
     (3) For reaching that time in my life when my free time is my own. No more having to squeeze "Me time" between work, soccer matches and Parent Teacher meetings.
4. I was thinking I need more of those positive posters around to remind me to do this step.
5. See 2. 

See you later,,,,