Thursday, April 2, 2015

Silk Grace

A year ago on Ash Wednesday I put a small woven piece of palm leaf around my wrist. And I wore that small crown of thorns through until Sunset on Easter day.  On Easter day I exchanged the frail dried wreath of palm for a braid of silk threads.  This reminder did not come off my wrist until this Ash Wednesday when I unceremoniously clipped if off my wrist. As Easter approaches of my 40 days with no crown of thorn or silk I find myself waxing quixotic for the daily reminder.

You see those two small bindings on my wrist were a daily reminder of my sins and God’s grace. For 40 days last year I bore the small discomfort of a dried braid around my wrist. And for 40 days this year I bore the great discomfort of not feeling the satin embrace of my Lord’s grace.

So when you ask me what I gave up for Lent next year I’ll show you.