Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Somewhere in one of my dubious past posts I promised not to whine.

Is there an expiration on that kind of promise? Why you ask?

Well let's try to set that aside for now and make a few observations.

Technically speaking it is Spring. Here in Michigan it is practically road repair season. Saw a road crew out this morning. Notice I didn't say "working". So what comes in the Spring? Dear daughter's 20th birthday. My little girl is two decades old.  Closer to that magic age when (hopefully) I will no longer be a momster.

*For the benefit of the non parents out there a momster is the female parent unit of a teenager. Sort of a monster but also ones mother.

August Update; Yeah I'm way behind yet again. But the good news is relationally speaking, I'm pretty sure I'm off the Momster list. Had a couple of nearly wonderful visits with Dear Daughter.

The Bad news is I've had a physically miserable Summer. Feels like I'm starting my Fibro journey from scratch. All those medical and alternative medical methods have ceased to work for me. Scrambling to continue to function. Needing to back out of functions based on their value to my time. Exhaustion is a near constant state of being but good sleep continues to elude me.

Emotionally I am managing to remain neutral except for yesterday's rude person who got an inadvertent earful. And now I'm feeling bad. Twisted! She was being unknowingly rude I just wanted enough downtime to relieve the exhaustion caused by participating in an active church service. Yes all the standing and sitting leaves me ready to sit still for a half hour. She was bent out of shape because I was sitting at "a reserved" table. No amount of my assurance that I would leave soon was enough. Backing out of more active services later today. Added to my frustration is that the was not even a sign or note on the table stating so.

In a sort of related note I've found a wonderful "new" blogger who's created a nearly perfect explanation of how Fibro effects me.


Kudos to Christine Miserandino for nailing the description.

In case you haven't noticed my last few blogs have been sans political comments. Why - Because on my efforts to achieve a reduction of stress I'm trying to pay that way less attention. This doesn't mean I sudden don't have an opinion. That is do another blog...