Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Blogger Boy

My husband is a Blogger. Well actually he is a Theological writer or more like a commentator. Problem is he doesn't really blog. He posts on FaceBook, often really long replies to a friend(aka fellow theological commentator(s).
He also occasionally tweets, I use to joke that I had tweeted more on my first day on Twitter than he had to-date.  I'm told it's happening more often these days.
I went so far as to set him up with a Blogger account and instructions on how easy it was to use. Still he goes on posting everywhere else.
Why does this bug me?
Maybe like the man who wants to solve a woman's emotional problem with an easy fix. I want to solve the problem of gathering my dear husband's moments of brilliance in one location for posterity with an easy fix.
The difficulty is, and he would agree with me on this, not all his observations are all that brilliant. So someone looking to gather his brilliance posthumously could get discouraged bouncing around and scrap the whole project.
Why am I thinking about this?
Lately in terms of thinking about my husband I think about what I would do without him. Oh he is quite alive! Even healthy for a slightly over 50ish male. But I'm not and as my medical drama continues I think about how important to my life he is and I start to worry about a world without him. And then I start to try and organize things so he will be remembered for his brilliant contributions.
That's just how my twisty brain works.
Now mind you, it's not that his theological point of view is all that the world would want to remember. After all he is also an Astro Physicist. Known for his skills in writing computer code to run complex mathematical statistical studies that have been successfully translated into use by both the business and public service arenas. He is also a skillful teacher. Capable of keeping his students attention while translating this complex stuff for their understanding.
I don't want to give anyone the mistaken impression that my dear husband is some kind of mental super man. He hasn't got the common sense God gave little green apples at times. But I believe that's because God gave me double doses of it personally. And that brings me back to explaining how closely we fit together.
Have you ever built one of those particularly complex puzzles? You know the ones where the picture is a jumble of images split amongst tiny, multi-sided, irregular pieces. Yet when you click two of these seemingly unrelated pieces together you stop while holding those two pieces and think how beautiful this little bit is. If you met us when we were in our late 20s you would not think us ideal companions for life. Believe me our families and friends did not think so. Well my family and friends. Well at least the vocal ones.
So here I stand facing down the 27th anniversary of our wedding thinking about Blogger and blogging.

It turned out some other folks thought my husband ramblings belonged in blog format and as of today he is published in two places.
http://insidetechtalk.com/techfail tied-solar-storm-activitu/, and a SAS blog which I can't find the location for. Plus he was published in Crain's Detroit in May. http://www.crainsdetroit.com/article/20130512/NEWS/305129987/#. But those are other blogs.