Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Me Weird?

Someone on Pintrest posted: "I have to ask... what makes you weird?!?!?"

Now that's a loaded question. Sort of a question wrapped in an enigma and dipped in raspberry dark chocolate.

Just incase you were thinking that I couldn't possibly be considered weird. In which case you don't know me too well, do you?

Some might observe my life and think. Typical Middle class white woman. Married 26 years, two adult children, a house in the suburbs.  But in many ways that's where the comparison ends.

Dearest Husband says we are "out-lyers". Beyond the average markers. I have long relished standing outside and rarely spent that time looking back in. Preferring instead to set my gaze outside that box. drawing joy from the amazing inspiring reality. Being awake to the world and all its breath taking, terrifying beauty. Then fighting that battle to recreate the beauty that I see in some small tangible way.

I must say while I highly recommend my method of living to others. I also understand that, like a higher education, not everyone is cut out for this kind of being.
It's been said: reality is for those who can't handle insanity. I believe insanity is when you embrace reality and hang on for dear life as soon as the ride begins.

Now I do suppose I could have listed off all the "weird" things I do, but that would be a long list and I'm sure incomplete. Not that I'm opposed to list making. But that my friends is another blog...