Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Venturing back into the waters

I swore off leaving my opinion by the sea of raging opinions engulfing all of us during the end of the 2012 election year. Yesterday saw the second inauguration of President Obama and amidst the quiet sense of celebration was that nagging feeling that I'd forgotten someone. Or maybe a lot of someones!

While I kept my thoughts and opinions to myself. Except in my own home. Sorry dear family, I should have started a list of opinions more appropriate for sharing in general. Things like;

Why are there less Christmas trees being thrown out the day after Christmas then years before? Is it because there are more people observing Epiphany (12 days of Christmas) or more artificial tree users? Nah!

Who decided to schedule the Inauguration on MLK day? Appropriate or over kill?

Can I be a fan of Downton Abby and not be touched by the disparity between the classes presented there? Love Maggie Smith, she is precious!

What does a non athletic person cheer for?  And do I have to cook for the Super bowl crowd too?

How many half or partially read books can one stack on a table? Being a fairly recent convert to virtual (e-books), I can stack a lot more virtually.

So there you have it a short, from memory, list of opinions I've had for the last few months.

In the mean while I have enjoyed celebrating my dear husband's post thesis celebration, a quiet Fall and even quieter Christmas season. Looking forward to some fun travel and creative opportunities in 2013. So that will lead to more blogs.