Sunday, October 28, 2012

My very obvious lack of blogging the later half of this year, has been a deliberate attempt to keep my big mouth out of the political arena.  Not that I do not have very strong political opinions.  No on the contrary I have what I have been told is a fairly liberal point of view.  Gee if you've read any of my other posts you might not have gotten that idea already?

So how do I blog about being fed up with all the political dross without appearing to take a side? The truth is there is bad (as in badly done and often in poor taste) advertisement on both sides. Having said that I must lean slightly left when I say that the Repugnant party seems to have corned the market on offensive billboards this year. This observation could be the result of the swing state I live in close proximity to or the fact that I have gone out of my way to avoid the major networks even to the point of stock piling my few favorite TV shows that are from those networks on my DVR for those days when I have enough patience to deal with their images. While the DVR function does allow me to fast forward through commercials I tend to forget that I can do that and sit there getting irritated by the junk.

Don't you think they could have solved so many of the local social issues with all the dollars they instead spent posting billboards that are badly thought out, scripted and often miss-spelled. Oh right they don't believe in helping others. That takes away from their hard earned cash which they want to use to buy themselves more privileges. And they call us lefties - educated elitists.

So what have I been doing with all this free time? Thank you for asking.  I've been reading.  Every Summer I take to reading a bunch of what I categorize as Candy books.  Fictions with very simple plots and almost guaranteed happy endings. After all who wants to get depressed on Summer vacation? In fact who wants to spend any of their free time voluntarily getting themselves upset and depressed from their entertainment choices.  This is the reason I don't do war movies, really nasty "chainsaw" massacre movies, and most maudlin disease of the week movies.  I do occasionally indulge in a cops and robber type show.  But I'm careful to avoid those that tend toward scripts that are "ripped from the headlines."

Remember when you were a kid and your parents protected you from the scary or too adult themed entertainment?  I don't either but for many years I have done this for myself especially during election years.

Don't get me wrong I do follow the issues.  I find that a handful of publications, many foreign published, some just odd for the source (Like More Magazine, Rolling Stone Magazine and Playboy). give clear and concise descriptions of the issues of concern without having to have pundits and talking heads drone on in my ear about the terrors of fill in the blank.

But Summer has come and gone and still I'm reading candy.  Well that could be because the flavor is particularly good or because the options beyond the books are so particularly bad tasting.

I've also thrown myself into my art a lot more than I have in previous years.  The opportunity to work on a commission has taken up a great deal of my time recently. Pictures will be published once the items are delivered. Until then it's a secret. And I have a backlog of other craft items that I would love to have spent more time on too.

Obviously blogging was not of that list.  Bad me.

Well maybe that's another blog - Thanks Diane for asking.