Monday, November 14, 2011

Here it comes

There is some kind of link between bad health days and the urge to blogg. At least for me there is. I hope it is not all about whining.

On the other hand if I'm thinking about what to write, I'm not thinking about how awful I feel.

Today or more accurately, for the past few days I have been feeling poorly about many things.

Lets make this clear, while I greatly admire people who can always be positive. I lean more in the positively crappy direction. Dispite years of effort to see the sunny side, when faced with a fresh batch of troubles, I have to battle my way to a better mood on my own.   It is not the pass me the big blue pill depressed, more the planning to feel cranky and moody today and quite possibly tomorrow depressed.

Without going into great details as to the cause of my current funk. Let us just say a week and a half before Thanksgiving I had someone take apart all my holiday plans without even consulting me. Apparently I'm such an understanding individual that they felt I'd willingly give up all my holiday to accomodate their decisions. And everyone involved complacently agreed. So here I sit facing a long all work no fun holiday season. Sorry dear we cannot afford or don't care to take the time to acknowledge you this year, again. Oh and by the way we are expecting you to gift us with all your efforts and expenses, as usual.  Kiss kiss.

One could see only the dark side here. But I'm planning on spending this holiday remembering the greatest gift. No one can take that from me. So if your looking for me for the next few weeks, I won't be at the party or the mall. I'll be singing joyfully, alibet off key, in the sanctuary.

If you are looking for holiday cooking tips try my food muse;

I am also planning on cooking my way through this time of year because food is good for the soul. Looking for greatful volunteers to eat it too. Think I'll host a stray's dinner.

That will definitely be another blog.