Monday, October 31, 2011

Fibro Fog Lite

Don't know if I've ever told you this. But I have Fibromyalagia (Fibro). Which is a condition that hundreds of thousands of people, mostly women have. Yet the medical community is clueless about.

Oh a handful have a symptomatic treatment plan. Which can be as various as how Farmers grow veggies. I was gonna say raise pigs but I don't want my fellow Fibro pals to take that the wrong way. The internet is a wash with theories and treatments. Believe me in the 24ish years I've had this bugger, I have tried my share of them. 

On to my actual train of thought. As if I was capable of anything like an entire train of thought. More like a single pull car of thought on a clear day.

I have a slight weight issue. Dispite an honest, if not constant attempt to maintain good portion control and eat only healthy foods. Alone this method hardly ever works except for those people you'd love to hate.  Been thinking about this frustration a lot recently. A slightly dressier job necessitates a few clothing purchases. Alway a reason to remind me of my weight and hence clothing size issue.

Before you jump on the why don't you exercise more wagon, let me remind you of how I started today's blog. Fibro tends to put a damper on exercise. The Doctors all recommend dealing with it and getting the right amount of exercise. Now here is the reason that rarely happens. see I only have enough "dealing with it" to get through a few things each day. And because of the pain, one of those  "things" is making it through a  work-day .  Little to no "dealing with it" is left at the end of a day. So now I've learned to pick and choose my daily priorities. Let us take today for example. I'd love to exercise but I didn't sleep well last night and I'm facing a busy work day. Chances are by the time I get home it will be all I can do to pickup the kitchen enough to be able to make supper, followed by collapsing into my chair. There goes another day with no exercise. Worked through lunch, so no lunch hour walk either.

Think of it this way. We all have $20 worth of energy/strength to use each day and in my case the Fibro takes $10 - $12 for coping. That leaves me $8 for the rest of my day's activities. Kind of an economics of personal strength. I always sucked at economics. I'm a half left, half right brain kinda gal. Now that is definitely another blog.