Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Goals

Someone set me to identifying a new goal for myself.

Here's my dilemma.  I can't help but feel I have enough goals for one life-time already. That compiled with a strong belief that my most successful goals are always God driven. I am painfully aware of the whole "In God's time..." thing.  I feel like it's not really up to me right now to set a new goal.

Especially when I consider my current ongoing goals. Now is the part where you'd expect me to list goals but see I also harbor this kind of birthday wish idea about goals.  If you name it out loud someone or something is going to hose it all up. Or stick in their two cents on how to achieve it, faster, cheaper and more profitably.  Doesn't that make it their goal now?

Obviously some goals become public knowledge by virtue of us being public beings. Like my weight lose goal, hardly an exciting new idea.  Didn't I blog back in January about being on the South Beach diet? Of course now it's more like the South Plymouth diet. Having sufficiently modified it to meet my Gluten Free, must have chocolate every day needs.

Then there are the things I do because I like doing them which impart a certain goal-ish (is that a word?) attitude.  Like doing Yoga. I love doing it. Because of the whole zen moment and feeling all loose and comfy in my skin after experience. So the obvious goal there is to do it more often then I do now and by virtue of that do it better. Oh and it would help my weight loss goal too. Wow these things tie together.

Oh and steady regular employment. Is that a goal or just a need? See I know what I'd love to get paid to do and I also know a lot of people who are struggling to make a living doing just that. IMHO they are All way more talented then I am, so if they are struggling then maybe I'd better find a day job that pays and keep doing what I love on the side. 

Add in daily goals like being on-time and within budget, cleaning the basement, painting a couple rooms and replanting the garden beds I'd say my life is one big series of goals in progress.

Turns out the person wanted me to set an emotional goal. To be less judgementalof myself and my responses to other people's lives and behavior. Hmmm sounds like something I'd get better at if I was better at Yoga. Breath through the moment. Ommmmm

Can you guess what my goal is at this moment?

Well that's another blog.