Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Archeangel wanted

I have a personal theological cunondrum.

See while I'd love to achieve that total personal peace thingy and share that peace with others. I am also a big fan of the Archangel Michael, all flaming sword and battle armor.  Being much more inclined to bite back at people who provoke me then allow them to go peaceably along their way.

In my head I know it is better to let heckling dogs lie. Still my first response to a rude tweeter is a bit of witty reparte'. My bad!

What is this? A confessional booth or a blogg?

There I go again. Perhaps I need a newer "nicer" role model. Now don't jump on the band wagon here and suggest Jesus. In my personal opinion striving to be exactly or even vaguely like Jesus is like setting a diet goal of looking like Calista Flockhart when my under lying body structure more resembles Kathy Najimy.

What I need is a more realistic goal. Think baby steps. Perhaps if I were to just be at peace with my responses to these moments and not be guilt ridden afterwards it would be an achievement.

Perhaps if I were good with my beliefs and goals so that I would not feel defensive when challenged by trolls?

This may take longer then I thought. This is beginning to sound like a life goal. But isn't that what living is about? Working right up to the end to get it right.

Now that is definitely a different blogg.