Monday, July 25, 2011

Politics and children

I'm not a terribly political person. That is when ever the conversation turns to politics my brain begins to shut down. Kinda like when math comes up.  This is not to say I don't have strong personal political opinions. Which I will spare you a list of here. Besides if you have been following me for very long or if you know me, you will have a clear under standing of my views.

Here is where I insert my disclaimer; If at any point we disagree politically speaking lets just agree to disagree. 

So having said that I am deeply disturbed by what just happened in Norway. Yes I know this was the work of one twisted individual. One sad man who took it upon himself to make examples of innocents and children.

As I pray for the individuals and their families I know that, by the example of my husband, I should pray for Mr. Breivik. Well friends I am categorizing that prayer as part of that one the "spirit knows and prays for me" clt

Did I ever explain clt? Corliss lousy translation

So if you are the praying type, please pray for those in need of grace or peace today.

Meanwhile I'm feeling a nap coming on. I think I'll stave it off for a brief meditation.

Yeah I see no conflict between prayers and meditation. I think of pray as conversation and meditation as listening. Sometimes we get to talk and sometimes we get to shut up and listen.
Kinda like blogging.  There are numerous blogs out there worth shutting up and listening to. Even a few Podcasts. But that's for another blog.