Thursday, June 30, 2011

What to do

Technological accomplishments are becoming a regular pattern for my life. Lookie here, I'm blogging from my Android tablet.

Nothing beats random thoughts and streams of consciousness written with one finger.

But this was not today's only accomplishment. No sir re! Earlier tonight I reloaded all my favorite iTune songs into new playlists with out the assistance of my dear son, who is either of the opinion that anyone over the age of twenty-five is a techno-weaney, or he is just pushy.  But here I stand having successfully broken my music into five new play lists based on my listening mood as opposed to everything lumped under the generic "Mom's List" category.

What are my new lists you might ask?
Sweet Love Songs - Mostly girl crooners
Revenge - Angry Women at their best
Meditations -Because we all need a break
Movie Music- Good sound tracks
Death & Dying - Now that is just for another blogg.

Side note: Turns out I'm not as technically adapt as I thought. Turns out the categories didn't transfer from my laptop to my tablet. Oh well maybe next time.