Thursday, October 28, 2010

I need more insulation!  Not really.  As a person I am certainly well insulated against the cold, physically speaking.  However, my home is apparently well below standards

Duh! I've lived here 15 years and boy don't I know in the Winter that this house needs insulation. However, being the cheap skate that I am. A quality I've absorbed from my dear Husband.  I have managed over the years to turn away hundred of insulation sales people.  This time they got to dear Husband and now we are coughing up a couple thousand dollars to meet the new housing code laws.

Not that I am opposed to following the law. It just seems to me at times that there are too many laws in place to replace common sense. Like cross walking laws and that Michigan law that says you cannot shoot a fire arm within 40 feet of an occupied dwelling. Come on now, what person in their right mind would . . .  Oh wait they do this all the time in Detroit, don't they? Maybe that is a good one for the books. But still a legal limit for insulation still seems far fetched.

As the rain falls outside on this cool blustry day I'm thinking it is time to get ready for Winter. Running down the checklist; Scheduled leaf clean-up with lawn guy. (That is a whole other blog.), clear the deck of non-weather proof stuff, Dig up and replant one of my Iris beds - Hey all of this is done! And now this year lay down a whole bunch more insulation.  Well actually I won't be laying it down. I"m seriously sensitive to that material and will be paying someone to come blow it into my attic.

So I guess I'm nearly ready for Winter. Nah not really.