Thursday, December 2, 2010

Silent Christmas

I've never been much of a singer. In fact I have often said that the only reason that I sing in church is because of a little known verse in the Bible that says; "Make a joyful Noise unto the Lord...".

Still there is one time of year when I love to sing. When I belt out the tunes along with the radio station.
By the way, Thank you to Magic 105.1 FM Radio for holding off until after Thanksgiving before starting to play holiday tunes.

But I digress. Once the stores and my car fill with the Sounds of the Season I cannot help it and find myself singing along with the tunes.

Not this year however. A pair of wheezy lungs is keeping me silent and heart broken during this season for singing. I can not even raise my voice in praise at the Sunday service. According to my doctor it's "something Women our age are prone to." Egad I have become a Woman our age.  So along with a growing list of necessary medications, lotions, lifts and bifocals I am also now prone to an increasing list of "somethings".   So the year I finally learn all the words to my favorite holiday songs a bad set of lungs may keep me silent.

Still I love the music.