Monday, September 27, 2010

This was easier before

My status as a productive, valued individual, has recently dropped a peg or two. With the cancellation of my contract which should have lasted until March of next year,  I guess I'm going through the grief stages right now. As I recall the order, this is my bargaining stage. I've woken up every day this week with this affirmation on my mind. "I am ready for a new job and I know it is coming my way." Some might disagree and say I'm in denial. I'd have to disagree, because that phase happened very quickly the day the contract passed into oblivion. While still on the phone with the contract manager I kept saying "you have got to be kidding." So that was denial, now I'm heading straight to what?  Anger? 

I hope not. I like to think I've gotten over the whole being angry at the world stick. Truth be told I get angry on a regular basis, but these days it's much more a passing moment as opposed to a standard of being.

Still when I think back to the first bout of unemployment, I was way more relaxed about it. Maybe because I had gotten severance pay that pretty much covered 1 year's income plus unemployment to match a much better income. Maybe because I felt like I had a great set of skills to sell and now I feel like maybe those skills are not as valued as the "sales" i.e. recruiters said they would be.

Then I hear about people like Republican Senatorial candidate Sharron Angle of Nevada who characterized the unemployed, as “spoiled,” I feel deflated. Wondering what gives these people the right to spout such hateful statements.  Don't believe I am spoiled nor are the vast majority of fellow members of the unemployed masses whom I have spent much time with this past year. While at job fairs, job search functions, networking events, retraining opportunities and right here online. Granted there are people out there who are settling into a life of unemployment. Not me that is for sure.

This whole discussion is getting depressing. Let's move on. Here is my plan for moving on.

1. Get up every morning
2. Get dressed for work
3. Get online and check those opportunities
4. Follow up on all those opportunities
5. Plan and evaluate my choices
6. Go where the leads take me.
7. Do it all over again until it works and I get a job.

Sounds like a full time job to me. Oh by the way. While doing this I also, volunteer where there is a need, do my art, run a small home based business, sell some small writing jobs and blog as much as possible.

Yes I am one busy lady.  But that is another blog.