Saturday, August 21, 2010

Learning to pray

My husband and I are members of a Bible Study/Dinner group that meets twice a month. Recently the group members expressed interest in learning how have a better prayer life. Not that any of these people are slackers when it comes to praying. They just want to step it up.

So I have volunteered to lead/facilitate them in a study of various ways to pray on a twice monthly basis. The other meeting will be focused on our regularly scheduled Bible study.

Our first session is tonight and I wanted to talk about finding a place to pray so naturally I googled prayer closet and found out that 43Things has a group. Well imagine my surprise! ;-)

I’ve always used my car as my prayer closet. My daily drives back and forth from work lend themselves to 35 minute prayer sessions where I can sing, scream and cry without fear of being disturbed. Much – You still have to be able to focus on driving too. I’ve always wanted to find a place where I can only focus on my prayers. My Yoga class is a great time to focus internally but once again it is not private. The teacher is walking around talking to us and you have to kind of pay attention to her/him.

Tonight’s homework assignment is going to be that everyone go find or make themselves a prayer closet. I’ve got to do that too.

I’ll let everyone know how this works out.