Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bucket List

First off I love the movie Bucket List.  Truth be told I have a rather long list of things I want to do before I go out.  But when I see people talking about doing really dangerous often stupid things from their bucket list I think to myself; that's not a bucket list that's planned suicide. There is a distinct difference.

So what do I consider stupidly dangerous things? These were taken from another Blogger's list, who will remain anonymous. Wind Surfing off a skyscraper, generally jumping out of or off of very high things. Running with the Bulls, Riding a rocket ship into space. Notice the common denominator? Dangerous beyond reasonable. Perhaps this is the Bucket list for someone who is actually on their way out, but since I don"t have an official expiration date yet my list is much tamer.

So what is on my bucket list? In no particular order;

  • Get a fine arts degree
  • Learn to speak Italian well
  • Tour Spain
  • Tour the UK
  • Own a Ford GT Shelby Mustang with a chameleon paint job, purple to pink. (Look it up)
  • Finish reading the Harvard 5 Foot Book Shelf
 This may seem like a tame list but it is after all my list.  I will most likely add to it as things go on.  I am actually keeping track of it on a site called  Which is totally worth checking out.  So what my bucket list is missing is that sense of exciting possibilities. Sure a tour of the UK and Spain can be entertaining and once I get that Mustang, driving it around town will be extremely satisfying but none of these items will really raise my blood pressure so do I really need to re-evaluate my list or dream up something scary. But that's another blog.