Sunday, January 22, 2012

Are We Done Yet?

Suppose you stood facing someone you have known most of your life. someone who used to be taller than you. someone you remember knowing from forever.  But now that someone has changed, not in a subtle could be a good thing way. But in a he/she will never be the same again and our roles have changed now way.

Very recently I posted a discussion about the things I've learned in forty-four years. According to the media that makes me elligable to become part of the sandwich generation. Old enough to have kids I'm still responsible for and to now care for a parent who is no longer able to care for themself.

This was not a slow a steady Mom/Dad's needs have changed thing.This was suddenly one day a fearcly independent person is not able to make it alone thing.

And frankly I'm mad as hell. Having never really been nurtured as a child by that generation, my desire has always been to avoid returning the favor.

But my faith walk tells me to suck it up and get on with that whole, "Love one another.." stuff.

By the time the dust clears from this little joy filled activity, I will need a group home.

But that is another Blog.