Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Little Dog Smiles

I have a little dog, and I mean a really little dog. Bladd Drwg is a Pomeranian Yorkshire terrier mix. He weighs in at 4.7 Lbs and is a year and a half old.

Drwg or Drew as we call him was a gift from a friend. Actually she has only really been a friend for the last couple of years. Because our son’s are friends we met and began to see common and some not very common things about ourselves.

When she came to own the Daddy dog of Drew I was mad to have one of his off spring, especially if the puppy looked like his Daddy. Daddy’s name is Thunder, so the temporary nick name of my future puppy was Thunder’s Pup or Thunder Pup. As it worked out Drew is actually Thunder’s Grand puppy. Thunder was bred to another person’s female of the same mix and my friend got to pick a female pup from the litter to keep. Her intention was to breed Thunder and now Lightening when Lightening got old enough. Before that could happen, my friend adopted another male pup (Dum Dum) from another breeder who used Thunder’s services. And as it turns out the “Cousins” Lightening and DumDum got together to produce an early unexpected litter. Drew was the tiniest member of this litter of three and other then in size exactly matched his Grand dog. When Lightening could not keep up her Mommy responsibilities my friend asked if I was willing to take care of Drew and he came home to live with us.

Now Drew is my ever present tiny companion. When I am home, no matter where in the house I move to, Drew appears. He has, after a year’s effort learned to keep out from under my feet. But he is always a short distance away. Then should I sit or lay down for a moment he appears on my lap or at my side. An ever present companion, like I said.

Year and a half old Drew is not quite as cute as puppy Drew was but has many endearing qualities. For one he has a crooked smile. Yes I know dog don’t smile. Well it looks like he is smiling! Due to some extra teeth, that the Vet tells me is common amongst these designer breed dogs. Drew’s upper lip on his left side appears to be curved in an upward fashion, pulling his cheek bone out to make it appear that he is smiling.

The thing is sometimes I will be slumped on the couch feeling rather tired and sorry for myself with Drew sleeping at my feet on the ottoman. When suddenly he will look up and over at me smile and wag his tail for just a few seconds, then go back to sleep. Ah everything will then be better.

Isn’t it nice how a funny looking tiny dog can make my world all better with a smile he is not suppose to be able to do.

By now you may be asking me how did he get the name Bladd Drwg? That is definitely another blog. In the meanwhile feel free to Google it. Oh! And Yes it does come from Doctor Who.

Since this is likely to be my last post before the holiday, I want to wish everyone who is kind enough to follow me a very Merry and Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year. And if you are just dropping by for the first time. Hope you will stick around. :-)