Friday, June 10, 2011

Some people are better at rambling then others. 

Me I'm not a real "Stream of consciousness" type. I have an idea, I research the possibilities then make a decision. No rambling, no bouncing around, just make up my mind and move on.  Now mind you it may take me some time to do the making up of my mind.  Unlike what my dear Mother thinks, I do not make snap decisions.  I just don't talk about them until I've made up my mind. There is a difference.

Why get everyone's panties in a bunch before you've committed to the act yourself?  There will be time enough for that once you are certain.

Still don't you think blogging requires a bit of the rambler aspect?  Here I am spilling my brains out for other's consideration.  What I say may have no great consequences in anyone else's life.  Or it just may be what they are waiting and needing to hear.

Chris - Where did you get all this energetic thought tonight? 

I'll tell you a tiny secret.  I'm building a big Blog.  It's gonna be a real cool kind of personal recommendation thingy.  So why the teaser?  Because that special Blog is taking so frikin long to write up that I"m feeling guilty for not saying something out here more quickly.

As a sort of life catch up for those of you loosely following along.  My dear Daughter is about to graduate from High School. As in She's walking across the stage on Sunday afternoon.  We are not just considering a new phase in our lives, we are hours away from it.  On Sunday afternoon I will be the parent of two young adults. No longer school kids.  Yes one of them will be a College student, but never the less a young adult.

This does not make me OLD!  It makes me FREE! Ha Ha Ha - You want to see the expenses a young adult can have on their parent's budget.  Ah never mind. My budget is not for public consumption. 

Now that is another blog...