Sunday, February 6, 2011

"In the last analysis, it comes to this: either we are alone in the universe, facing it's unsolved mysteries and its appalling tragedies with only the help that comes from other mortals as ignorant and as helpless as we, or there is Someone who hears us when we speak & answers when we call..."
I am taking on a new responsibility. It is actually not really new because about 10 years ago I was doing this "volunteer" work which requires a 2 year commitment and when my 2 year commitment was completed I opted to stop. Now I've chosen to try again. 
That is not some great revelation nor even is the volunteer work some great difficult endeavor. It's just kind of making use of a set of skills I have always felt I had.
The revelation is in the fact that I am now staring down a tremendous dark tunnel of personal tragedies is a very short period of time which are causing me to doubt my current qualification for this job. Perhaps it would be better for everyone around me if I did not take it on?  On the other hand perhaps now is the perfect time for me to do more work for others thus spending less time dwelling on the me and mine issues.
BTW - Sorry about the long absence from my ramblings. Long list of excuses most prevalent being I was rather not very inspired to share my thoughts lately. Not a great attitude for a Blogger is that?
The rather large quote; I liked the big print, at the top of my Blog is part of some required reading I'm doing in order to get back into my volunteer mode.  Rather timely I think. Not that I have ever questioned the presence or existence of the "Someone".  There have been times when I have questioned their attitude towards me mostly, and their plans for me, always having had my own less then well thought out ones instead. In the end I trust in the presence of the One who hears me, even when I cannot speak. Because in the end it is;
"The one who learns to pray, who is no longer alone in the universe. He/She is living in his/her Father's house."*
*Both quotes have been edited by me for personal pronoun preferences.