Monday, May 24, 2010

Welcome to my random thoughts

If you should you ask yourself very soon, why am I reading this? Then let me apologize up-front. No one ever said I was a great author.  In fact up until a couple weeks ago I did not even think of myself as a writer. Now I'm a writer and a blogger. Fancy that!
 Because everybody deserves a chance to tell their story and because after all this is my blog, here is my story.  Don't worry it's not my whole story; just how I ended up writing something on
 Last January like so many people I know, I lost a job that I had been working very hard at keeping for the past 18 plus years and like everyone else I dove into finding a quick replacement, something that looked just like what I had been doing before, which never really worked out.  Somewhere mid-year my dear husband suggested we open our own business together.  Now let me assure you he still has a day job a good thing too. He's really good at his day job too. So it when he said "we" should open a business, he really meant "I" should open a business.  And I did. Now I'm an Entrepreneur and every entrepreneur needs to drum up business for themselves. Which involves marketing ourselves and our company. Someone, in fact several someones told me that Social Networking was the way to do this. First I tried my hand at online Social Networking, you can find me on Twitter @chrisvcorliss, actually the first thing I created was a business Twitter account; @AcornAnalytics. By using this tool along with face to face networking and blog surfing I hoped to learn enough and make the contacts I needed to become successful at business.

By now you are asking yourself, if not why am I reading this? What is her point? My point exactly! Why do I want to start a blog? Not because I have any superior insights that need to be shared with the whole wide world but because I have some specific insights that I hope to put into writing. Not all at once now just over time.

What do I mean by "Thoughts of a Well Behaved Woman" Well actually it is a tongue in cheek reference to a bumper sticker on my car. "Well Behaved Women seldom make History".

So I'll see you around. I'll be here with thoughts.  How about you?