Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Help Wanted

Hi thought I'd stop by and chat a bit. Where have I been? Oh around...

The truth is I'm so fed up with the political atmosphere this year that I've been using a busy schedule to reduce my hang around the pc time. Come to think of it, there are others who say that is a healthy choice. So why am I feeling all guilty about it?  I could refer you back to my historical list of blogs that refer to a tendency towards a guilty complex and tendency towards random rambles. If you know me by now - I honestly couldn't find a good example.

May I be the first this year to say; "Enough already!" We get it all of you idiots want to be in charge. And that is where you all fail. That is quite possibly the worst job in history. Who in their right mind wants to be at fault for everything.

Personally I think the job should be given to someone totally disinterested. Sort of a sacrifical lamb type. Self righteous wind bags need not apply. If you think you can solve all the problems you are over qualified. Not to mention an imbecile.

Presidential Job Description: If we were being honest with the applicants.

* Looks nice in photos
* Capable of getting opponents to agree with your decisions. Through threats or extortion, whatever.
* Willing to be always at fault for everthing.
* Thick skin helps. Comedians love taking pot-shots at the Prez.
*  Self sufficiently wealthy. Were you expecting us to pay you?
* Highly educated, just not a "snob" about it.
* Firmly in the ethical and fiscal middle.
* All of the above must apply to your partner. Because this is one of those jobs, like being a Pastor, where the whole family gets hired. Ever see the wife of the CEO of IBM being criticized for her daily wardrobe choices?
* Religion? - Oh Boy is that a whole other Blog...
* Contract expires in 4 years - 8 if you're unlucky enough to win a second round.
* After which we will build you a library. And name some road after you.

See what I mean? If you still want the job you need a Shrink.