Wednesday, October 19, 2011

30 days later

Well I'm all red in the face!  Seems 30 days ago I mentioned a sort of count down blow by blow on my job hunt.

Truth is it was not much of a hunt. Two face to face interviews and a half dozen phone conversations later I got offered a new position at the last place I worked. And get this it is kind of a promotion well at least it is a pay raise!

So why no blogs for the past month kiddo?  Since all I was doing was sitting on my butt waiting for my start date it was all quite boring. I was also without significant income so I could not travel or participate in local activities as they cost money too. Hence nothing very exciting to talk about.

I did catch up on a couple tv shows I'm fond of.  Including the entire Big Bang series from start to last week's episode.

Now that is an entirely different blog :-)