Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Dreaming is an act of leisure.  I'm not saying the kind of dreams you do when you are asleep, although that is an act of leisure. You're obviously not busy if you are asleep.  I'm talking about the kind of dreaming you do when  you come up with an idea and mentally elaborate on it. Taking that idea to it's logical or sometimes illogical conclusion.

I've been dreaming lately. Not recently as in the past couple of weeks, but lately. For the last year and a half I've been spending a great deal of my leisure time thinking about where my life has taken me, why and what comes next. Am I too old to start over, again? Have I not given my current path enough time to see where it is taking me. Patience has never been my virtue. What about those dreams I have not really acted on yet?  I will spare you the shopping list of my dreams here.  Instead you can insert your dreams in the appropriate places.

Those who buy into "the Secret" keep telling us that when we believe in our dreams and act on them we achieve them.  That sounds deceptively easy until you explore the acting on them side. Acting on your dreams is a lot of work and involves allowing them to evolve in a direction that may not exactly match your original plans. If I allow my dream to evolve then doesn't it stop being my dream. Perhaps becoming someone else's dream.  Am I in danger of living the life someone else wants me to live? Or living a life that makes someone else's dreams possible with no chance of achieving mine?

Well I could continue down this path but it is starting to sound too negative even for me. So maybe next time I sit down to dream a little I'll start by spending some time counting my blessings. What good has come to me so far? Why that is a whole other story or blog in this case.

In the meanwhile, dream on my friends. Dream on.